Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Its War Time!!!!!

ok. So I am updating my blog after more than a month. There were varous factors responsible for this > Exams, lack of inspiration, laziness. Now all of a sudden, none if the factors exist and I am free to blog. And I hate it. Last night provided the inspiration. Though never had I wished for such an eventuality to prompt me to start blogging again. Mumbai attacks!!!

Last night, I was watching the match at home, like almost everyone else who watches cricket. And the result was as predicted. India won. We won. We're leading the series 5-0 now by the way, for those who may not be aware. So then 15 - 20 minutes after the presentation ceremony and all, I heard this huge boom. And then I heard my mom complaining about firecrackers and what a nuisance they are. 5 minutes later, my neighbour comes to our place and asks " did you hear the bang?"
I said " yeah obviously. But why would they burst crackers half an hour after the match is won?? "

And my neighbour said " It wasn't a firecracker. It was a bomb. A taxi just exploded near that new bridge. It's all over the news. Terrorists are hiding in south Mumbai. Firing is on as we speak."

Now, if you must know, I stay very close to the Santacruz airport. And when we went on the terrace, we could actually see the smoke at the explosion site. One minute we are rejoicing yet another Indian victory and te next minute, BOOM, everything changes. A war starts in Mumbai.

While we were at the terrace, phones kept ringing, rumours a-plenty too, and every few minutes a vehicle with a siren would pass. Police vehicle, ambulance, fire-brigade or minister's vehicle, I know not. The patch of highway near our place was blocked and vehicles kept taking a U-turn and cutting back from where they had come. And the news kept coming in. Along with the blast near the airport, there was firing at Hotels Taj and Oberoi, CST terminus and as if that wasn't bad enough there was firing at the Cama Hospital too. ( and I didn't even know about it's existence till yesterday ! ). When I went to sleep, watching the news, they said firing was still on and commando operation had been started at Taj. 2 people had been killed in the blast near the airport and several injured and that all the flight take-offs had been cancelled.

Today morning when I read the newspaper, it said 78 people were killed and over 900 were injured. All this happened after mindnight!! The attack started from Gateway of India ( which sparked rumours that the explosives had come from the sea) and then moved towards CST. All the important places were hit. Nariman point, Metro Adlabs, Colaba, Crawford market, Wadi Bunder and GT hospital too. And on BBC it was reported that 40 people were taken hostages. And 3 officers died on duty : Hemant Karkare of the ATS, encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar ( and i had actually heard of these two for a change!) and addl commissioner Ashok Kamte. RIP, you three. You died cleaning the scum.

So that was the factual part. After each terrorist attack in other cities of India, focus would shift to Mumbai, and after 2-3 days of tight security and high alert, things would go back to the previous lax ways . This is what happened yesterday. One minute you are having dinner, watching TV, or roaming outdoors.. and next ... terror strikes. And what was the purpose of those checks at the railway stations?? When it was required , could they stop the terrorists from entering with AK-47s and hand grenades and start firing? NO. Same at the malls. Metro Adlabs. The security people look as if they are endowing us a great favour by checking our belongings. And at one mall, I dont remember which, I don't even think the metal detectors work because I had a swiss-knife in my pocket and they didn't even realise that. Could they really have not considered the possibility that the terrorists may open fire? Do they really dismiss the terrorists as cowards? That is just plain - bullshit. Just a lame excuse to hide your inefficiency. Where are Shiv Sena and MNS workers right now? what are they doing? Don't they want the marathi manoos to be safe now? Where are the parties standing for elections next year? Next year, If you are going to vote, or if any candidate asks you for vote during those speeches ( if you care to go to one), ask them what they were doing during the terror-attacks in Mumbai and other cities. And what their party had done to help that the other party hadn't to make you vote for that particular candidate. According to me, this tete-a-tete combat is a good opportunity to check our ability against theirs. And we shouldn't be proud. Three senior officers dead and we could manage to kill only two of them yet. And all of them are youngsters! Though I think , we should stop judging their abilities according to their ages. And I don't care if the firing goes on for 3 more days as long as these scum are killed or captured. Total elimination is the word. it is about time these buggers are made to realise that one can only punch a tin box so many times. Then it hardens and hurts anyone who tries to punch it. And don't complain about the bandh if there is one, enjoy the time with your family and friends.

Also this made me wonder, what we as the commoners do for the city? Income tax? Nah. That goes to the national government. Loving the city is not really enough. You need to fight for it too. Donate blood at a hospital nearby to help the injured. Help in any way you can. Otherwise you don't have a right to point a finger at anyone. This is your city. It is your responsibilty to take see to it that it is free from mother-fucking terrotists whose only aim is to gain attention of the masses. They'll hit you as long as you endure it. ABOUT TIME WE STOPPED!!! To pee is human, then it shouldn't be the divine to flush; you pee, you flush it off.

PS : I just realised it was "a wednesday" yesterday and i hope we kill the cunts just like in the movie. I may have used a profanity or two in the post, but I don't care. Am really pissed off right now.