Wednesday, October 31, 2007


No wonder people are going veggie these days...(ewwwww)

sigh.. even the ghosts get to watch good movies...

Now we know we are developing...

What was she thinking???

I wonder what the old coot's doing??

Get your own shopping basket...

Take me back...

morning breath...

Wedding blues???

Why women should not read silly romances...

What women see in the mirror...

What men see in the mirror...

Tuesday, October 30, 2007


study hard so that you'll get a good job blah blah blah .......................

Some really amazing facts

these are some of the coolest and not so known amazing facts ( unlike ancient stuff like dolphins sleep with their one eye open. duh. even dolphins have become concious of that fact) I just unearthed from somewhere. have a look at them :

# oil actually damages your hair in the long run because oil molecules settle on the scalp and block the essential nutrients. (hehe wait till my mom reads this).

# the closest relative of garden sparrow is a fresh water tigerfish. ( yeah and I'm related to nostradamus).

# earwax contains vitamin B6 ( ewwww don't ask me to confirm it. you go and give your dietician a plateful of waxy vitamins).

# the real name of Sushmita Sen is " Ujjwala Raisen" ( i wonder why she dropped the
Rai part from her surname???. And hell if she wanted to change her name, why not choose an exotic name like Tantlata ??).

# Geometry was not initially considered a part of mathematics. It was a part of philosophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh damn why did they change their mind! there's no subject called philosophy in my college).

# By 2055 the entire Arctic ocean will freeze forever. ( huh? you mean it aint already frozen?? and besides who was that chipmunk shouting about global warming?? )

# Brenda Calton was the 21st president of the U.S. but on her first day in office, she was murdered by her husband and old Chester A Arthur got the job. ( I wonder if this Brenda Ca(r)lton was as snooty as that wannabe in Nancy Drew series).

# Bastritch does NOT mean bastard + son of a bitch, but it actually means a pregnant ostritch.

# Queen of hearts is still the most popular queen but it is a little known fact that, one company had accidently given moustaches to her and hadn't been aware of the fact till they had already distributed 3,500 decks. ( dumb, dumb. so next time your girl's not cleared her facial hair properly, call her queen of hearts. She won't murder you then).

# those who cannot put their fist entirely in their mouths are suffering ( or will suffer) from an ailment called Degros Doigts syndrome. ( Ha i bet u tried to put your fist in your mouth).

# aeroplanes are coated with a layer of plum juice before the final mica\ aluminium cover is welded. ( plum juice? PLUM JUICE???? what so they can say have a delicious journey!!)

# apparently scooter contribute more to pollution than four- wheelers. ( yeah must be. I guess that farty sound must add to the noise pollution. not to mention, irritation in people).

Hey all thanks a lot for reading these entertaining if somewhat pathetic amazing facts. I'll find out more such "facts" and keep updating. PS : none of the above facts are true. i made them all up. if you want more I'll just prod my weird overactive imagination a bit further and give you whackier ones. :p
PPS : de gros doigts means "some fat fingers" in french

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Train Track and Children

A group of children were playing near two railway tracks, one still in use, while the other disused. Only one child played on the disused track, the rest on the operational track.

The train came, and you were just beside the track interchange. It was not possible to stop the train, but you could make the train change its course to the disused track and save most of the kids. However, that would also mean the lone child playing by the disused track would be sacrificed. Or would you rather let the train go its way??? Think of the kind of decision you could make... yes? or no?



and reflect......

decided your answer?

Yes? you would change the track?

Most of the people might choose to divert the course of the train, and sacrifice only one child. To save most of the children at the expense of only one child was a rational decision most people would make, morally and emotionally.

But, did you ever consider the fact that the child choosing to play on the disused track had, in fact, made the right decision to play at a safe place?

Nevertheless, HE has to be sacrificed beacuse of his ignorant friends who chose to play where the danger was. Sounds familiar????

This kind of dilema happens around us everyday. In the office, community, in politics and especially in democratic society, the minority is often sacrificed for the interest of the majority, no matter how foolish or ignorant the majority are, and how farsighted and knowledgeable the minority are.

The child who chose not to play with the rest on the operational track was sidelined.And in case he was sacrificed, no one would shed a tear for him.

To make the proper decision is not to try to change the course of the train beacuse the kids playing on the operational track should have known very well that, that track was still in use, and that they should have run away when they heard the train's sirens. If the train was diverted, that lone child would definitely die because he never thought the train would come over to that track!!!
Moreover, that track was not in use probably beacause it was not safe. If the train was diverted to the track, we could put the lives of all passengers on board at stake!! And our attept to save a few kids by sacrificing one child, we might just end up sacrificing hundreds of people to save these few kids who were wrong in the first place.

While we are aware that life is full of tough decisions that need to be made, we may not realise that a hasty decision may not always be the right one.
" Remember that what's right isn't always popular and what's popular isn't always right."

Everybody makes mistakes; that's why they put erasers on pencils. ( hehehe ok that was a dumb one).

Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Vision" India

Some people make some assumptions of their own and fix their views accordingly without budging even an inch to even consider the possibility of finding a grain of truth in what the others are saying to convince them otherwise. ( hey note im talking of only some elders and not our supercool Gen X or Y or Z or whichever alphabet we are in). Superstitions!! i guess when the said prediction comes true twice in a hundred times promotes suspicion to conviction , plus being drilled the same thing for many years and being taught to think the same way gave rise to the current superstitions. I don't have anything against superstitions which are harmless but the day anyone forces me to do something just because " it is done like this" I'm more likely to spit on your face. ( only you'll feel like you have been spat at on the face.I really have faith on my tongue). I need you to tell me the reason why i should do what you are asking me to do or why i shouldn't do what I'm doing.
i think I'm going off the point. the reason i started this blabber was this..

It is said we always want what we can't have.( I don't agree with that bull shit. We will only want what we don't have. if we have it already , why would we want that?? and in today's world there is nothing you can't have). I don't watch any serials now. but recently i was watching one episode of dil mill gaye ( star one 8. 30 pm :p), and both the lead actors were wearing tacky blue and green lenses respectively. preity zinta usually looks good but the other day i saw her wearing green lenses in a pic. gross! oh and most of our dear dear favourite ekta didi's vamps and bitches have either cat eyes, grey eyes or heinous cheap blue eyes. one can literally see the black outline behind the lenses. What the hell's wrong with brown? even black looks exotic. also, all outfits don't look good on you when you got blue or grey eyes, but black compliments each and every outfit you wear. We should be proud of our eyes and eye colour.(if you are so desperate for grey eyes, live healthy, stop smoking and stop drinking, reach your old age and see your eyes turning blue or grey). always remember Sushmita Sen ( brown-eyed witch) beat Aishwariya Rai ( blue- eyed witch) in Miss India. so only being blue eyed doesn,t make you a winner. you need to be intelligent ( read being able to speak two grammatically correct sentences and adding 2 and 20) too. cheers.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

SMS dictionary

you get an sms or maybe say an offline which is filled with shortforms and God knows what other weird symbols.embarrassed to ask your friends what a certain shortform means? afraid they'll laugh at you for asking a question whose answer everyone knew? here's the key. almost all the shortforms and emoticons accepted and used worldwide.........

SMS Dictionary
:-0 hbtu 0-:happy birthday to you
@WRK At work
2bctnd to be continued.
2d4to die for
2g4uto good for you
2Ht2HndlToo hot to handle.
2l8too late
2WIMCTo whom it may concern
4yeo for your eyes only
AAM As a matter of fact.
AB Ah Bless!
ADctd2uv Addicted to Love
AFAIK As far as I know
AKA Also known as
ALlWanIsU All I want is You
AML All my love
ASAP As soon as possible
ATB All the best
ATW At the weekend
AWHFY Are we having fun yet
B4 Before
BBFN Bye Bye for now.
BBS Be back soon
BBSD Be back soon darling
BCNU Be seein' you
BF Boy Friend
BGWM Be gentle with me (please)
BRB Be right back
Cld9? Cloud 9?
Cm Call me
Cu See you
CUIMD See you in my dreams
Cul See you later
CUL8R See you later
Dk Don't know
Dur? Do you remember
E2eg Ear to ear grin
EOD End of discussion
EOL End of lecture
F? Friends
F2F face to face
F2T Free to talk
FITB Fill in the Blank
FYEO For your eyes only.
FYA For your amusement
FYI For your information
GF Girlfirend.
GG Good Game
GMeSumLuvin Give me some lovin’!
Gr8 Great
GSOH Good Salary, Own Home
GTSY Glad to see you
h2cus Hope to see you soon
H8 Hate
HAGN Have a good night
HAND Have a nice day
HldMeCls Hold me close
Ht4U Hot for You
H&K Hugs and Kisses
IDK I dont know
IGotUBabe Ive got you Babe
IIRC If I recall correctly
IMHO In my humble opinion
IMI I mean it
ILU I love You
IMBLuv It must be Love
IOW In other words...
IOU I owe you
IUSS If you say so
J4F just for fun
JFK Just for kicks
JstCllMe Just call Me

KC keep cool
KHUF know how you feel
KIT Keep in touch
KOTC Kiss on the cheek
KOTL Kiss on the lips
L8 Late
L8r Later
Lol laughing out loud
LTNC Long time no see
LtsGt2gthr Lets get together
M$ULkeCrZ Miss you like Crazy!
M8 mate
MC merry Christmas
MGB May God Bless
Mob Mobile
MYOB Mind your own Business
NA No access
NC No comment
NE Any
NE1 Anyone
No1 No-One
NWO No way out
O4U only for you
OIC Oh, I see.
OTOH On the other hand
PCM Please call me
PPL People
QT Cutie
R Are
RMB Ring my Bell
ROTFL Roll on the floor laughing
RU? Are you?
RUOK? Are you Ok?
SC Stay cool
SETE Smiling Ear to Ear
SO Significant Other
SOL sooner or later
SME1 Some One
SRY Sorry
SWALK Sent with a loving Kiss
SWG Scientific Wild Guess
T+ Think positive
T2ul Talk to you later
TDTU Totally devoted to you
Thx Thanks
T2Go Time to Go
TIC Tounge in Cheek
TMIY Take me Im yours
TTFN Ta ta for now.
U You
UR Y ou are
URT1 Your are the one
VRI Very
W4u Waiting for you
WAN2 Want to
WLUMRyMe Will you marry Me?
WRT With respect to
WUWH Wish you were here
X! Typical Woman
X Kiss
XclusvlyUrs Exclusively Yours
Y! Typical Man
YBS You’ll be Sorry
ntn i cud think of

SMS Meanining

:-O Wow
:-| Determined
:-* Bitter
O :-) An angel
:-9 Salivating
:-|/:-I No face/poker face
:-<> Surprised
%-6 Not very clever
:-( ) Shocked
:-~) Having a cold
:-o zz Bored
:-\ Sceptical
: @ Shouting
:-o Appalled
:-X Not saying a word
|-I Sleeping
|-O Snoring
%-} Intoxicated
:-v Talking
:-w Talking with two tongues
B-) Sunglasses
B:-) Sunglasses on head
8:-) Glasses on head
{:-) Toupee
}:-( Toupee blowing in the wind
=|:-)= Uncle Sam
<:-| Monk / Nun
:^) Broken nose
-:-) Punk
@:-) Using a turban
:=) Two noses
:-# Razes
<|-) Chinese
:-{) With a moustache
:-{} Lip stick
:-? Smoking a pipe
:-) Smiley
(-: Also smiling
:) Smiling without a nose
:' ) Happy and crying
:-( ) Smiling with mouth open
8-) Smiling with glasses
[:-) Smiling with walkman
:-)8 Smiling with bow tie
{:-) Smiling with hair
d:-) Smiling with cap
C|:-) Smiling with top hat
(:-) Smiling with helmet
:-)= Smiling with a beard
&:-) Smiling with curls
#:-) Smiling with a fur hat
:-D Laugher
;-) Twinkle
;) Twinkle, without nose
:-* Kiss
@}--\-,--- A rose
:-( Sad
:( Sad, without nose
:'-( Crying
:-c Unhappy
:-|| Angry
:-(0) Shouting
:-< Cheated
>:-( Very angry


smiley meaning
@@@@@:-) Marge Simpson
@:-) John Travolta in 'Grease' quiff
:[ I am a vampire!
((:-/ I am bald
£$£:-) I am rich!
#:-/ My hair's matted, arghhhh!
:-))))))) A person with multiple chins
D:-) Look I am wearing a sailor hat
}:-(= Dracula
:-& Tongue-tied
( '}{' ) Boy and girl kissing
:") Blush
;) Cheeky wink
;-) Flirty
:* Kiss or :-x or :o*
:x Secret's safe with me
;o) Wink
*^_^* A huge dazzling grin
c|B-) Ali G
o:-) Angel
:*) ? Are you drunk?
£:-) Bad hair day
:-o zz zz ZZ Bored or tired
:-E Bucktoothed vampire
})i({ Butterfly
>^,,^< Cat
####@### Centipede in a sombrero
C=:-) Chef
C8<] Darth Vader
>:-) Devil
};-)> Devil
A: ) Dick head
5:-) Elvis Presley
@:-) Elvis Presley
9) Frog
~B-) Geek
:-% Get Lost
:-]= Goofy
:-) Happy
:-) , I have an outie belly button
:-) . have an innie belly button
#;-) I have tangled hair
:-s I'm not making sense
(-.-)Zzz I'm sleepy
:'-) I'm so happy I'm crying
:***-) I'm wearing body glitter
B-) I'm wearing glasses ( therefore 'cool!')
:-{} I'm wearing lipstick
(-: It's the left hand smiley!
(_x_) Kiss my butt
@(*o*)@ Koala
%-) Like my new glasses
8(:-) Mickey Mouse
<:3 )~ Mouse
}:-( My toupee is at risk from a high wind
:-p Naughty
(:-( Noel Gallagher
:-O Oh no
:-* Oops
=^) Open-minded
:@) Pig
(:::[]:::) Plaster
:-$ Put your money where your mouth is
:-( Sad
:-O Shouting
(8-) Smiley (alternative!)
/\(oo)/\ Spider
:o) Sticking your tongue out
:-p Sticking your tongue out
:-D Sticking your tongue out
:-@! Swearing
@:-) Wearing a turban
:-" Whistling
¿8-| WWF superstar the Rock (people's eyebrow)
:-(*) You make me sick!
:------------) You're a big liar!
X-( You're mad!
(_8^(l) Homer
@@@@:-) Marge
3 :-) Bart
{ :-) Lisa
{ :-* Maggie
8(/) "Doh!"

{;^d) Robbie Williams
&:-) Justin N*SYNC
{{:-) Ben A1
[:-c)) Craig David
;:-c>~ Shane Boyzone
-:----- Kylie
di:[ Eminem

( PS i dunno where the emoticons are applicable, i mean they don't work on yahoo msgr and i haven't tried msn. if anyone does find out about it, please send a shout over here).