Friday, August 31, 2007

the beginning

ok. so this is my first ever post. so i'd like to start with sharing something which is very dear to my heart, after my family and friends of course.

Once upon a time there was a boy,
In a broken cupboard he used to lie.
He was all alone in despair,
No one for him was there to care.

With him he had no joys but struggles.
Well, that’s because he lived with the muggles.
They gave him for dinner roasted bread,
And belied the truth of the scar on his forehead.

How lonely and wretched his life was.
His every act would end up to a chaos.
But in a peculiar place was he known,
For the charm with which he had grown

Then one day,
A man named Hagrid visited from far,
And explained why he was bearing that scar.
He said,” dear boy, you belong to Hogwarts city,
Where you are a renowned entity.”

So they flew away from unloving dears,
Who were then left with countless fears.
On reaching, everyone greeted him happily,
And he made friends with Ron and Hermione.

“From now you’ll be engaged in sorcery,”
Said the head of the management of wizardry.
Soon he was busy in learning spells,
Flying with brooms, resting in dwells.

But trouble did not abandon him so easily,
As he was the one, you see,
To whom evils would want to tatter,
As his name was Harry Potter.

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Comfortably Numb said...

HAH! You sound like a true potter fan. But Im not :(
Ive made fun of him all along. But then on a literary basis...whatever you wrote was nice. And considering the fact that it was your first post...Naice work.