Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Joke at wankhede stadium

After 24 years of desperate waiting, praying, fasting, shedding tears and whatnot, we did it. We won the T20 World Cup. After being ousted from the ODI World Cup in the first round itself, this team of fiery youngsters had little to lose. Minimum pressure, low expectations fuelled their determination to prove the people wrong. And this time all those who have been proved wrong are actually rejoicing that. And some cynics who thought that people are losing interest in cricket after the loss at world cup have just had a very rude awakening. Those living in Mumbai will know what I'm talking about. I think the victors' bus ride to the Wankhede stadium was more enjoyable, memorable and overwhelming than the joke of the actual "felicitation" ceremony they attended at the stadium. A certain RR Patil gave the credit of our world cup victory to Sharad Pawar (my love for the English language forces me to be civilised while i write this bit, because right now, I'm feeling anything but calm and civilised). So, next time people if we lose the match, we know whose houses we have to burn. The bloody NCP and BCCI took centre stage while the actual heroes were shunted at the back. All I have to say to these suckers for public attention is this : Dudes get a life!!! It was very shameful of them to steal the limelight away from the players to take undeserved credit for the world cup.They might want to start hoping the public didn't take much notice of this or they might have a tough time getting votes, but I think Indian's deserve much more credit than what they are given. We are not stupid or blind after all. Is this called honouring of players? they were ratting away in Marathi ( no disrespect to the language) when they knew half of the team didn't even understand it. Kudos Dhoni for your one sentence which has increased my respect and admiration for you. I don't remember the exact wordings but he said something like this to Harsha Bhogle, " We have covered English and Marathi toh mein koshish karoonga hindi mein baar karne ki" muaahhh. ( btw anyone heard Shrewd Pawar's speech? omg. just for that speech i think he should apply for laughter challenge 4. he could have shown a bit more sincerity in his "congratulatory" speech. don't you think?). Now yours truly has just remembered in her whoozy brain (which is biting mad right now mind you) that she has got classes right now,so she better sign off. PS those who called me up when India were 36\4 in the 1st T20 match v\s Pakistan, and asked me to stop watching the match, or told me that India were sure to lose against Australia in the semi-finals, or India was going to disappoint again in the finals: yo people, GO TO HELL, and when you learn to have a bit more faith in the team you claim to be crazy about, come back and join in, in the celebrations. Indian team can do without fair-weather fans like you. (oh yeah I'm sure I'll hear the nonsense about how if they don't expect anything they'll be happy to see us win. seriously you need to read that book called " Power of the subconscious mind" and obtain some positive attitude towards life. Gotta go or this may be the last time I'll be writing here cause one can hardly blog after being murdered by their overambitious professors.


Manu Akula said...

Decent read, terrific issue and a jingoistic writer. :P

I can thank my professors for denying me the misfortune of witnessing such a shameful act but in a country where the delegation to the Olympics has more officials than athletes, could you expect any better ?

PS: Isnt it funny how these biggies jostle and shove each other for that 2 feet of space on the dias where they most probably wont even get 3 seconds of media coverage. Jesus, you can spare me the torture !

ashish said...

like ur style of writing... keep up the good work.......i'll add this blog to my favourites


Akshay said...

really well written.....
quite funny too.But more than that its a shame to know that politicians want to have all the fame and money..
The victorious people were treated as ordinary men out there.......

Manu Akula said...

Jingo was the perfect word for describing the tone of your post. I think I came across it in some history book and the story stuck with me. When WW2 was about to break, there was a famous song/chant/poem or whatever you can call it as, in England...

We dont want to fight
But by Jingo if we do
We got the men,
We got the guns and
We got the money too.

...and the term stuck on. I am not sure about the exact details but the legend goes on these lines.

PS: Best of luck in communicating with your chums :P