Tuesday, November 20, 2007


yeah this is the poem i wrote yesterday and i haven't editted it. i was feeling too damn lazy. so please spare my poor tired lazy soul.here goes...

Just another early morning,
I’m getting ready to go walking.
Oh, the monotony of life…
I hope today will be different

I hit the road leading to the farm,
Scenery no longer enchanting me with its charm.
But, I do notice the sun, instead of the usual fog.
Maybe today will be different.

My hopes go higher and higher
As I turn round the corner.
Then I saw “her” at the window.
Today is indeed different!

I stare at her, not caring that I stumble,
She looks at me and I see her mumble
A fuzzy warmth fills my heart
Seeing the smile of that work of art.

Was it the sparkle in her eye?
Or was it her dazzling smile?
She made me feel cherished.
I knew today would be different.

Next day onwards,
I actually looked forward to go walking
Embracing this monotony without grumbling.
I looked forward to see her radiate joy
When she looked at me like a child unwrapping a new toy.

Happy and innocent, this morning play,
Made bearable the rest of my day.
I even started dreaming of her,
Maybe I was falling in love with her.

As new mornings came ,
The surer I became.
What if she loves me too?
Tomorrow I’ll tell her ,” I love you.”

I woke up feeling different, the next day
Different in a bad sort of way.
Something felt wrong.
I thought, maybe today is different.

I left my home and went to her place,
she was waiting down, agitation apparent in her pace.
Coming closer I saw her tears, her watery smile when she saw me.
I knew. She was leaving me.
Suddenly, through my own tears, I saw that it was again foggy.
She bent and whispered in my ear, “ I’ll always miss you, little doggy.”


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Manu Akula said...

Guess what, I just saw some SRK film today in the afternoon (because I am a lazy ass and have nothing better to do) and there was a line about "first love".....

Basanti, Borivilli........ Na Kaha, Uda Diya :P

Blesson Gregory said...

Wah! :)