Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Broken Nose Chronicles

Holi came and went. Leaving behind lasting colourful impressions. In my case, the impression was blue in colour. On my nose. And now it is broken Here is how that came about...

Two days back, my folks were out and there was nothing for dinner. I had my classes till late, so I could not save the day (ahhhh). So my brother, tired (he goes for cricket for 3-4 hours 4 days a week!!!!) and irritated went out and got sev puri for both of us.Two plates each. I came home by 9.30 by which my brother was already preparing his will in case he died of hunger. At the table,

Me : So what have you got for dinner?
Tired and Irriated brother ( Taib) : What do you think is in front of you, button eyes?
Me : alright, alright. So there are two plates for each of us right?
* Taib glares which leads to the breaking of The glass*
Me : Just checking.
( after a while)
Me ( my stomach full with sev puri ) : How can you finish two full plates so fast? I can't even complete my first plate. ahhhh
Taib : I haven't got buttoneyes. This is your second plate. I can see your empty first plate right beside you-
Me ( interrupting ) : No, no. You don't understand. This is my first plate. Why can't you believe such a simple thing like this?
Taib (getting more irritated) : achha? Then what is that beside you?
Me ( innocently ) : Oh that. That is my second plate. I decided to have my second plate of sev puri first. And NOW I am eating my first plate. So you see, I can't complete my first plate of sev puri. And that isn't my first empty plate. HA! I was right. Now say sorry for not believing me.
* I am waiting for the apology to come *
* Still there is nothing but silence *
After a while, I take a deep breath and prepare to say something-
Me : Owww. My nose, my nose. aaahhhh.

Moral of the story : Always eat the first plate of sev puri first.

Note :
How to ask minimum three questions from a single simple sentence.( ha ha an alliteration).

The sentence : " Spicymist was called a 'polypoplomaniac' by a girl named Culleez"
The questions : #1 WTF do you mean by spicymist?
#2 What is a polypoplomaniac?
#3 What sort of a name is Culleez?

* always remember the art lies in asking the correct kind of questions . hee hee


Nirmal's Blog said...

hey nice reading you....

Manu Akula said...

#1 WTF do you mean by spicymist?
#2 What is a polypoplomaniac?
#3 What sort of a name is Culleez?

What in God's name are they ?

Nirmal's Blog said...

to score means to make gals happy....
man i can tell u they r never satisfied...
thanks 4 cuming in..

Nirmal's Blog said...

ya tat was tell me more..

if we meet sometime ill buy u a jumbo packet pf how much pt did i score 4 tat...lolz..

spicymist said...

ahh kukure now dunt remind me of those. ill deduct points frm u 4 remindin me of good ol days an d present pathetic sense of days. :p

Nirmal's Blog said...

lols.....spicy u proved tat message right....

Nirmal's Blog said...

ya ya..i gues u r right..lols

Sahefa said...

thnx for stoppin by my blog.

Fangs said...

aren't the boards over?

If yes, how'd they go?
If no, best of luck!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a conversation between my bro and me...Hehehehe!

He would kick me under the table though :(