Sunday, October 7, 2007

"Vision" India

Some people make some assumptions of their own and fix their views accordingly without budging even an inch to even consider the possibility of finding a grain of truth in what the others are saying to convince them otherwise. ( hey note im talking of only some elders and not our supercool Gen X or Y or Z or whichever alphabet we are in). Superstitions!! i guess when the said prediction comes true twice in a hundred times promotes suspicion to conviction , plus being drilled the same thing for many years and being taught to think the same way gave rise to the current superstitions. I don't have anything against superstitions which are harmless but the day anyone forces me to do something just because " it is done like this" I'm more likely to spit on your face. ( only you'll feel like you have been spat at on the face.I really have faith on my tongue). I need you to tell me the reason why i should do what you are asking me to do or why i shouldn't do what I'm doing.
i think I'm going off the point. the reason i started this blabber was this..

It is said we always want what we can't have.( I don't agree with that bull shit. We will only want what we don't have. if we have it already , why would we want that?? and in today's world there is nothing you can't have). I don't watch any serials now. but recently i was watching one episode of dil mill gaye ( star one 8. 30 pm :p), and both the lead actors were wearing tacky blue and green lenses respectively. preity zinta usually looks good but the other day i saw her wearing green lenses in a pic. gross! oh and most of our dear dear favourite ekta didi's vamps and bitches have either cat eyes, grey eyes or heinous cheap blue eyes. one can literally see the black outline behind the lenses. What the hell's wrong with brown? even black looks exotic. also, all outfits don't look good on you when you got blue or grey eyes, but black compliments each and every outfit you wear. We should be proud of our eyes and eye colour.(if you are so desperate for grey eyes, live healthy, stop smoking and stop drinking, reach your old age and see your eyes turning blue or grey). always remember Sushmita Sen ( brown-eyed witch) beat Aishwariya Rai ( blue- eyed witch) in Miss India. so only being blue eyed doesn,t make you a winner. you need to be intelligent ( read being able to speak two grammatically correct sentences and adding 2 and 20) too. cheers.


Manu Akula said...

So, you do know the difference between the 5 states ! You're a rare one ! :P

Waise, where do you stay in Bombay ?

Nice post but I still can't get over the fact that you get to watch TV, albeit some stupid show, and I dont. I am freaking out with so many things in my life. 8 months ago I was a lukkha and now, I sleep in the bus to optimize my work time !

Anyhow, coming back to the post....sounds pretty weird coming from a 20 year old but hey, we are a stupid country with pre-concieved notions about beauty, power, status and success.

Some try to work their way out, some try to crib about it to their friends but at the end of the day, what counts is not if you have green eyes or orange ones but what you do with them! What counts is not whether someone tries to enforce their ideas onto you but how you choose to use them to help yourself.

Manu Akula said...

You dont have to be sorry for anything... esp when someone is trying to pull your leg.

Its called Mood Indigo and is best served drunk with your friends on the side :P

Did you ever come over before ?

Manu Akula said...

Ah, so I guess that was ages ago !
Anyway, I have added you on yahoo. Looking forward to see you there !