Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Some really amazing facts

these are some of the coolest and not so known amazing facts ( unlike ancient stuff like dolphins sleep with their one eye open. duh. even dolphins have become concious of that fact) I just unearthed from somewhere. have a look at them :

# oil actually damages your hair in the long run because oil molecules settle on the scalp and block the essential nutrients. (hehe wait till my mom reads this).

# the closest relative of garden sparrow is a fresh water tigerfish. ( yeah and I'm related to nostradamus).

# earwax contains vitamin B6 ( ewwww don't ask me to confirm it. you go and give your dietician a plateful of waxy vitamins).

# the real name of Sushmita Sen is " Ujjwala Raisen" ( i wonder why she dropped the
Rai part from her surname???. And hell if she wanted to change her name, why not choose an exotic name like Tantlata ??).

# Geometry was not initially considered a part of mathematics. It was a part of philosophy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Oh damn why did they change their mind! there's no subject called philosophy in my college).

# By 2055 the entire Arctic ocean will freeze forever. ( huh? you mean it aint already frozen?? and besides who was that chipmunk shouting about global warming?? )

# Brenda Calton was the 21st president of the U.S. but on her first day in office, she was murdered by her husband and old Chester A Arthur got the job. ( I wonder if this Brenda Ca(r)lton was as snooty as that wannabe in Nancy Drew series).

# Bastritch does NOT mean bastard + son of a bitch, but it actually means a pregnant ostritch.

# Queen of hearts is still the most popular queen but it is a little known fact that, one company had accidently given moustaches to her and hadn't been aware of the fact till they had already distributed 3,500 decks. ( dumb, dumb. so next time your girl's not cleared her facial hair properly, call her queen of hearts. She won't murder you then).

# those who cannot put their fist entirely in their mouths are suffering ( or will suffer) from an ailment called Degros Doigts syndrome. ( Ha i bet u tried to put your fist in your mouth).

# aeroplanes are coated with a layer of plum juice before the final mica\ aluminium cover is welded. ( plum juice? PLUM JUICE???? what so they can say have a delicious journey!!)

# apparently scooter contribute more to pollution than four- wheelers. ( yeah must be. I guess that farty sound must add to the noise pollution. not to mention, irritation in people).

Hey all thanks a lot for reading these entertaining if somewhat pathetic amazing facts. I'll find out more such "facts" and keep updating. PS : none of the above facts are true. i made them all up. if you want more I'll just prod my weird overactive imagination a bit further and give you whackier ones. :p
PPS : de gros doigts means "some fat fingers" in french


Akshay said...

Do post some other wacky stuff you seem to be good at it.....! lol......!

Manu Akula said...

My chums in high school came up with a smilar one. If your hand is bigger than your face, then you have some stupid syndrome, and then once someone puts their hands to their face , you give it a whack and give them a semi-broken nose.

Yeah, yeah, I was a mean kid :P

Nice post though, but the bird-fish is a give away...