Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In My Closet

Yeah. I have nothing better to do these days. I was actually going through my closet in hopes of finding the jeans i wanted to wear the next day. I didn't find it. Nor did I find any spare long forgotten, hundred rupees note or anything. * sighs * All such things always happen in movies. All the bad things like accidents, stalkers, .... which WE think happen only in movies happen to us. So anyway, I did find my wallet which I had bought some seven years back. It had no money in it but an original, cellotaped sheet ( I got stuck at this word sheet. first I wrote original cellotaped copy, but WTF is an original copy?????) of my first poem ever, which I had written as a part of elocution class assignment, and we were supposed to write this in candle light as there was no electric power in class at that time; (ugh. This reminds me of Monday when we had to complete our physics prelim paper in darkness, as power was out at the college). Here is the poem by the way,

Monsoon o monsoon,
I hope you come soon.

In your water we play,
We, children, happy and gay.

From June to September,
There will be a merry weather.

Tiny, clear drops of thee,
Shall delight each and every tree.

The sudden flash of lightening,
Won't that be frightening?

School will give us a holiday,
What fun! If you came everyday!

Monsoon o monsoon
I hope you really come soon.

Note : I wrote this poem when I was 9 or 10 i guess. I haven't changed a single word from it's original version and have just copied it as it is from the original sheet. Yeah I was very fond of couplets. :D


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Meshrum said...

Thats a very sweet poem. :)
It is really joyful to stumble upon things you had written when you were a kid. And to read them again brings a smile upon one's face.

Manu Akula said...

Yes they that you are the winner of the Manu Akula quiz no. 17, when are you giving me the treat ?