Thursday, April 24, 2008

Generation and Generalisation

Don't you come across many middle-aged people who keep nagging young people about how today's world is spoiling them? Perhaps that obese lady in your building, who has to push her butt in each and every person's life? Or that uncle who keeps warning you to take care because " aaj ka zamaanaa bahut kharaab hai"? Yeah, them. I am referring to them. These people are usually the ones who can't accept change in their life. They are cynical, yes but won't actually do anything about the problem. Usually, they target us, youngsters, who have actually done no harm and are just under the line of fire beacuse they can't figure out what we think. They never actually mention why they disapprove, just make it very clear that they disapprove. So what's wrong with listening on the headphones while walking on the road? We are actually avoiding noise pollution. Listening to songs on the head phones makes us happy without harming others. Why don't you frigging understand that? Aye, about not being able to listen to the horns behind you, I'd say we value our lives more than you do. Of course, there always will be some nutters, but why should you generalise? And about today's world being a bad influence on us? Whether you like it or not, we are going to live in this world unless someone invents a time machine which works and we'll live in your oh so holier than thou world. But wait. HOLIER THAN TODAY'S WORLD????? You gotta be kidding me. Seriously. Who was responsible for the World War(s) ? Who was responsible for destroying so many Japanese lives? Who was responsible for the death of so many Jews? Who was responsible for all those broken families? YOUR so-called pure generation. What? You weren't there then? Here's something recent. Who is responsible for all those communal riots? To which generation does osama bin laden belong? Who is responsible for fucking up the environment so badly and dumping the reparation work on our laps? Who put a big hole in the ozone layer? Who didn't pay attention to birth control and is responsible for the mind-blowing population of today? and ironically, who is nagging US about birth control? Oh and who is responsible for racism, sexism and casteism? Aye. So now tell me what is so wrong with today's world? Are tattoos and piercings so bad? Or perhaps low waist jeans? Or maybe the fact that we are ditching mainstream and opting for other lines which benefit the environment too? Here these lines may seem quite unrelated superficially but the underlying implication is the same.......

When I born, I Black, When I grow up, I Black, When I go in Sun, I Black, When I scared, I Black, When I sick, I Black, And when I die, I still black.. And you White fella, When you born, you Pink, When you grow up, you White, When you go in Sun, you Red, When you cold, you Blue, When you scared, you Yellow, When you sick, you Green, And when you die, you Gray.. And you calling ME Colored ??

: ok I gotta go now. The big bad world outside is waiting for me. tally ho


Meshrum said...

Unfortunately, we live in a phony world that tells you what to do while they do not practice the same and shrug off their responsibilities.
Shameless hypocrites!
When I born...And you calling ME Colored? How true!

spicymist said...

:D and we have 2 live in this world itself no matter what we think of it, no?

Nirmal's Blog said...

hey tat was a great post........applause 4 u..

Alok said...


My jaw dropped halfway through the post, and it remain there until I completed it.

I agree vigorously. *shakes head*

I hate generalisations too.

Check out this post.

Sucha said...

Great observations and after long a thought provoking blog..! Good one..But the last para of being coloured though good does noti fit here I think. It is good in itself but does not gel with your topic..just my opinion..

All in all a nice post..Though I do not belog to that generation..I will think twice before advising anyone!