Saturday, June 14, 2008


Yoo hoo. Rains are here. Maybe rains read my blog and decided if they didn't arrive soon, I might get the urge to write another poem like 'monsoon o monsoon'. :D Whatever. Monsoon brings many things with it. The leaves of the gulmohur tree get laden with water droplets which fall on you when you shake them. ( try it , it's a really cool feeling. Yeah , maybe I'm a bit partial to gulmohur trees after the flower incident). Then the oh-so-good-and-widely-talked-about smell of the earth. Then come the water logged pot-holes, overflowing gutters and amazing winds with biting rainfall (like duh, monsoon will of course bring rains with it). Hey, have you ever tried looking up at the sky at night when it is raining? sans your umbrellas and wind cheaters I mean? if no, then do it tonight, if it rains that is. If yes then don't the raindrops look like diamonds falling from the sky just before they hit your face? Also try catching the raindrops on your tongue ( NOT because that sms which says, next time it rains, try to catch the drops on your tongue. The drops you catch is how much you miss me and the ones you miss is how much I miss you, but beacuse it's real fun and nourishing too if you must know. Raindrops have vitamin B 12 in them ).

But I haven't titled this post judgement to talk about pros and cons of monsoon. I tend to digress. A lot. I just discovered a new test to check how caring people are of others' feelings. All you have to do is watch them drive in the rain. Especially, when they encounter aforementioned water-filled pot holes. If they slow down near the pot holes, then they are cautious about their actions and considerate of what their actions will do to others. These are the rare good ones. The rest are, well, inconsiderate. But then, I would be generalising and I hate generalising or being branded a hypocrite. :P

The rest fall under three categories :
# 1 Those who deliberately do that. These are the real scums. And leave without a shred of regret. I guess these are the people who are majorly involved in hit-and-run cases.
# 2 Those who are not aware of their actions. They didn't know that they splashed the pedestrians with mud. These are the careless ones or maybe they hadn't been able to slow down in time to stop the damage. Like those who just started to drive or are still learning to drive. These usually don't stop to apologise.
# 3 The really good ones who genuinely regret their actions and sometimes even stop their vehicle to apologise to the pedestrian.

Probably this was a silly post but I just felt like writing something. Couldn't think of anything better.


Xorkes said...

Raindrops n Vit B12?? M hearing this for d first time.. Hmmm..
Anyways, coming to rains.. Nothing can beat this season..
got drenched today coz it was rainin heavens n i remember my friend's word, Idiot bcoz of u my hair s all wet.. Hehehe :-)

Roy said...

There was another interesting part in Mahasweta Devis speech. It is:

This is truly the age where the Joota (shoe) is Japani (Japanese), Patloon (pants) is Englistani (British), the Topi (hat) is Roosi (Russian), But the Dil... Dil (heart) is always Hindustani (Indian)... My country, Torn, Tattered, Proud, Beautiful, Hot, Humid, Cold, Sandy, Shining India. My country.

spicymist said...

@ roy
yeah maybe i missed that part. neway the blog in which i read it had only that much. thanx .

spicymist said...

@ xorkes
uh huh yeah raindrops have vit b12. i have no idea cos im no nutritionist n haven't seen any appreciable rise in d vit b12 levels in my body after drinking rain water, but thats what i read in the BT. U know they these lil known "amazing" :-| facts on page 2

Roy said...


Thankx for leaving ur footprints on my space.

The Playboy Bunny is a waitress at the Playboy NightClub. They'r called bunny bcoz they wore a costume called a bunny suit inspired by the tuxedo-wearing Playboy rabbit mascot.


Actually, these lines by M Devi left everyone in tears in the audience.


Indranee Batabyal said...

You have a very interesting blog and I liked reading your posts. It's nice to know that you love monsoons and rains like me:)Enjoy it!

Manu Akula said...

Raindrops also have Vitamin A, Vitamin Z, chocolate, brain cells of bacteria, Ruchi's gone crazy.

3 posts and no comments. Should I be sorry for that ? :P

Indranee Batabyal said...

Thank you so much for your comment on love!I agree with you.Personally, I love watching the overcast sky,and water collected on leaves and potholes on different shapes and sizes. I have tried watching the rains from above, as far as my eyes can see, and it's a wonderful feeling! Nothing's romantic in this earth like rains!

ashish said...

tip tip barsa paani ... paani ne aag lagayi

Nirmal said...

i dont really njoy this season...

vit B12..really???

Nirmal said...

u have been tagged ..

let us know ur 10 secrets..


Xorkes said...

oh bombay times?? hehe.. if i were to ever mention the sources of vit B12 --- rainwater in my answer sheet, guarantee my answer sheet would be pinned to the notice board. Worth a pic!! what say?

spicymist said...

send me the pic!!

Maruti said...

Hahaha, nice post. You are a very good writer. I appreciate blogs on silly articles. Nice, let me read the other ones

Fangs said...

i liked this!

I fall under both categories..

most of the time under 'rare good ones'

and sometimes under the 'really good ones'..