Thursday, March 12, 2009

Three Word Wednesday in Wordpress

I just came across this thing called ' Three Word Wednesday ' on . Each week ( A wednesday obviously , in case the name wasn't obvious), the author posts three words and we have to write something using those three words. This week's three words are


I read what my friend had written on her blog and when she explained to me how the thing worked, I tried something on my own. Take a look:

She looked around for a dance partner seeing she was the only woman in the huge ballroom who didn't have a partner. Then as she was about to give up and sit out the Viennese waltz , her eyes fell on a tall, dark stranger.
What was strange about this stranger was that, instead of looking at the dancers waltzing on the dance floor, he was staring at her! For how long , she couldn't guess.
She had an uncanny ability to judge a person's character by looking at their body postures and hand gestures. Now, all of a sudden , she was the one doing the staring. The stranger looked right back at her without appearing abashed that he had been caught staring.

'Hmmmmm'. She thought as she contemplated the man who didn't seem to belong to the town she lived in. ' A businessman surely. Immeasurably rich, considering the rich material of his elegantly cut suit which he wore with some kind of disdain as if he was used to such luxuries and was merely bored by it. Surely he didn't socialise much seeing as he didn't have an escort either. So a recluse. Fully devoted to his work types. Good manners forced him to be polite with others but otherwise has a terrible temper...'
She went on assuming his traits, not knowing how she knew them, but knew from past experiences that she was right. She didn't know how, but she just knew.
'Right. Now all that remained was to cajole him to dance with her without apperaing to do so. It was risky, she admitted to herself , to talk to a stranger, but it was either this or stand like a fool while others danced to her favourite song.
Having come to a decision, she walked towards the stranger. All this while, he had been staring right back at her. As she approached him, he merely raised his eyebrows in question.
She said ' Hello..

PS : This thing just suddenly came to my mind. IMO, it appears too Mills and Boonish.


Anonymous said...

No it aint M&B. It is cute... Welcome to the world of Memes! :D Its fun!

Akshay said...

this was really cool....
I wonder if the girl was a choreographer.Mostly they are the ones who have such abilities!

spicymist said...

Boo hoo. heres what my Uncle Drill had to say :
daryl freeman: i think he's jack the ripper

Tumblewords: said...

Cute tale. Well done!

Daily Panic said...

welcome to 3WW. good post. I wish I could dance. My husband 6'3 me- 5'0 we are not dance partners. It always looks so elegant. nice post.

ThomG said...

Welcome to 3WW. A nice start to what I hope will become a regular routine for you. Your writing shows some great flair, and this piece built up nicely to the end.

bunnygirl said...

Welcome aboard! It looks like you had fun with this. I think we've all watched people in a room, forming opinions before we even say hello.

spicymist said...

Wow . thank you so much for all your comments. i was discussing how 3ww works when suddenly this scene started playing in my mind, so i wrote it down. its not been editted or anything

Manu Akula said...

WTF was the point of this entry Missy ?

Gimme my 2 minutes back !

spicymist said...

See! i told you it was getting a bit mills and boonish! reckon i should have mentioned that before the story.

prIncEss said...

Some mills & boon with good English vocabulary ! :P

Anonymous said...

nice !! so rashi told you aout it .. considering she is the first one to comment here .. this one was really cute .. check my entry for 3WW too :)

waiting to see your entry next week !!

Adisha said...

Had to read this to read the current post :)

Found this Very well written. Loved the " bored by it" desciption. Reminded me of Dominique from FountainHead. A different style. Certainly not M&B style...


krist0ph3r said...

in my 9th grade, my english teacher made us write a 250 word essay containing the words:


and the topic was: "men at work in the kitchen" :D

thanks for the trip down memory lane...i think i'm gonna spend the rest of today reading my essays :)