Tuesday, February 17, 2009

April Fool

Yeah. I know it's still mid February and all. Contrary to popular belief, I would like to make it clear that I am NOT suffering from post-Valentine's Day dementia. Nope. It's just that while I was bloghopping some days back, 60% of the blogs had a post on Valentine's Day!( just like me ). I am like " what the hell! 20 days later everyone will write about holi, then examinations, then april fool's day and so on! Why should I wait for April to arrive to let you know what I did last summer?" So well, another post on why you should be celebrating Thanksgiving everyday instead of on every 4th Thursday of November.. since you are not my brother\sister...

Day : 1st April ( well duh, April fool's day ! )

Time : Sometime during the day, when the sky was bright and clear. ( seriously, this was almost a year ago. Did you really expect me to remember the exact time? I mean I know it was 25 minutes and 32 seconds past 5pm, but the exact time? nah! )

Venue : Home

My brother had just returned from school after giving the first paper ( English ) of his annual exam. For the eternal laziness within me protesting against typing out brother everytime I have to mention him let's refer to him as Bap ( Brother After Paper in short )

Me : Hey! How was your paper? Hope it went well.

Bap : Yeah, it went well. What were you doing?

Me : What do you think? Watching aeroplanes. What else?

Bap : *sighs* As always.... Don't you get bored?

Me : Ha ! April Fool. I wasn't watching aeroplaes! I was watching the first officer in the plane make out with an airhostess. hehe. I fooled you!

Bap : MOMMAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA, * enter my name here * is bugging me. Giving me dirty details.....

Me : You know, you just made use of an alliteration! Perfect example!

* Bap glares at me which brings back my broken nose memories *

Me : What? It was your English paper afterall! I thought you were just trying to show of your skills in figures of speech. Oh my God! * covers mouth with hands *, I just complimented you! Thank me now!

* Bap runs away screaming MOMMAAAA again *

sigh... shit happens


Day : NO

Night : April Fool's Nnght. ( Still first of April )

Time : exactly 325 minutes after the aforementioned scene after which my brother sulked for like 30 minutes, then studied for the next day's paper, then ate and was listening to songs on the disc-man, when this happened)

Venue : My bedroom which i share with my Brother Listening to Songs On the Disc-man.( BLSOD for the sake of abbreviations and more importantly convenience )

Me : Dude, I am sorry for today. But I had to fool you at least once. To keep up my reputation you know as the one who fools around even on April Fool's Day.

BLSOD : It's OK * enter nickname you will NEVER hear me utter *. No issues. I overreacted. After sulking for about 1800 seconds, I realised it was pretty cool actually and that I can use the same to fool my friends. Oh and yeah, thank you for complimenting my skills in figures of speech earlier.

* At this time, I am trying to control my laughter at remembering my skills in Hyperbole *

Me : Oh! Good then. All's well that ends well. Or something like that as someone said in the Harry Potter series. I think it was ALbus Percivial Wulfric Brian Dumbledore the First.

* After a few hundred seconds of deep pondering *

Me : Hey!, I am sleepy man. Stop listening to songs on your disc-man.

BLSOD : What the hell! Are you nuts or something? I am using headphones! How can that disturb you! You said you are sleepy right? Just switch off the lights and sleep in peace then. I won't.....What? NO. NOT AGAIN!!

* His outburst consisting of the last four words came after he saw the delightful smirk in my eye and an evil twinkle in my mouth. or vice versa. Whatever. *

Me : I have to say it. I can't resist. APRIL FOOL! HA HA HA. I fooled you again. I am not sleepy at all!

BLSOD : You suck! I am not talking to you till tomorrow morning.

* saying this he switches off the light and goes back to listening to songs. *

I thanked God fervently to have protected me from another broken nose and wondered how come my brother could hear me say anything at all while he was listening to songs on his disc man!

Phew! End.


Jatin said...

Hey... I really feel... the above said author shud rethink her career options....

well... & ya... we wud love to here... BAP a.k.a BLSOD
a.k.a nose breaker....
acchi mehfil saje gi...
wat say?

spicymist said...

hmmm .bap did mention his intentions abt starting his own blog. can i guarantee him a reader in you ? :P

Alok said...


Anonymous said...

Haha! My brother should read it too!!1 :D He will have a zillion such incidents to mention

Anurag said...

lol.. Great way to kickstart the 'april fool' blogroll for sure.. Getting the thing overwith a good week before the actual thing saves the last minute rush and gives your post a certain edge..:) and a fitting story aswell. (yep, holi posts should come up from 1 april, holi being on 10)

spicymist said...

ae holi is on 10 march not april !!!

Eric S. said...

That was pretty good. Its a good thing you get along with your brother, or he may have give you another broken nose.

Thanks for the advanced April Fools day. It should help me prepare for the real one, LOL.

Sudeep said...

lol.. ur nose doesn't get broken that often.. rt? ur bro should be appreciated for having that sort of self control..

spicymist said...

well i appreciate your patience too for leaving wsuch a polite comment. and yeah my nose was broken once. check http://spicymist.blogspot.com/2008/03/broken-nose-chronicles.html

Manu Akula said...


spicymist said...

ae which comment of yours did i delete? liar! you dont comment. and otherwise u call me K ruchi . phbbbt!

spicymist said...

though considering the title, was that some weird attept at april fooling me in march?

Manu Akula said...

Snared! :P

spicymist said...

bah! snared ?>

which one of the foloowing do you mean? r you have the 6th meaning of your own?

snare 21 up, 11 down
1. A trapping device, often consisting of a noose, used for capturing berds and small mammals.

2. Any of the wires or cords stretched across the lower drumhead of a snare drum so as to vibrate against it.

3. Greek delicacy.
"I just spilled coolant all over my snare!"

Person 1: "Something stinks!"
Person 2: "I do believe it is Snare"


Snare 8 up, 5 down
A Keystone. A cheap, abundant, watered down beer that is extremely popular with students and the youthes of Upstate New Yorks city of Ithaca.

widely used limerick term. meaning "for the laugh" or jus de general snare.


Snare, some rutho kid from sydney aus.


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To be a miser