Thursday, May 8, 2008

Bills n Moon

Yeah, yeah I know it's called Mills n Boon. SO WHAT?. Whatever, I don't know if I mentioned in my earlier posts that books are my one weakness. Mysteries, fantasies, sci-fi, thrillers, history, war stories, mytholgical tales, and so on. Did you notice anything common in the fields\genres I specified aside from the fact that they are a criteria for books? If yes, then well done. If no, then I'll tell you, all of them have a definite story and a strong plot. I'll come to this significant, useless point later.

So, when a lay my hands upon an interesting mystery, usually I complete it in at one go. I mean Perry Mason cases and Nancy Drew et al. I know reading is a good habit and all that, but for me, it sort of became an obsession that I had to complete a book at one go, which disturbed my other chores of the day. So my mom here had a very bright , not so unique idea of hiding them away for a while. So I had nothing to read for a few very painful days. But then, along came my cousin, who also reads books. Only difference was, she mainly reads silhouette and mills n boon stuff, and she had brought two of 'em with her. I thought this was a divine temptation. I had no books. She had two. Not fair. Is there no justice? Since I had nothing else to read, and I was feeling very deprived, so I read one of her mills n boon at one go. I don't know what it was, the fact that I was so so hungry (?) for books or the fact that they hypnotise you to read it completely or something, but while I was reading it, I didn't get bored. But after I finished the book? Yeah I felt like banging myself on head with a pestle. Here is where we return to the aforementioned significant useless point. The whole frigging book didn't have a story. No logic, wild emotions, utterly predictable ending. I mean what was the point of the whole book? It just raises expectations from the kind of partners the readers want.

No. I won't criticise the book. What would be the point? My criticism won't bother the publisher or the author's ass. Or the devoted readers. So I wonder what was the point of this post anyway. I mean you didn't learn anything as such. Also the fact that I love books is mentioned in the about me section. So this post was utterly pointless like the book which I read but didn't want to read, but had to, as there was nothing else and I had to feed my reading glands ( The Lire gland located just below the ear. aye, kaan ne niche). But unlike mills n boon romance, at least my post didn't have a predictable end. You thought , it must have been a fire post like a previous one? ha ha. You ought to appreciate anti-climaxes more.

I wonder why everything has to have a point. Just imagine a pointless life. A pointless world. If there was not a single point in the world, then there would be no points ( plural )in the world to. Which means............... NO segments, NO rays, NO lines, NO circles,NO conics, NO complex geometrical shapes. Life would be this whole pointless journey. :D


Xorkes said...

hehehe!! well said!

Manu Akula said...

Pointless post :P

spicymist said...

and a pointless comment. ne c'est pas?

Alok said...

I like what you said towards the end. It is not that everything has a point to it. It is we who attach a point to everything. You're free to not to do so, if you like.

But good art will force you to go inside yourself and feel the emotional journey conveyed by the artist, in a most strong and enjoyable manner. Not necessarily it has to make sense.

We are capable of understanding things we don't think we can. That's the reason we instantly recognize and enjoy a piece of music we hear for the first time.

Meshrum said...

There are two points raised in this post:
(1) Reading Mills n Boon is pointless.(This I say from personal experience.)

(2) In life, everything has to have a point.

A contradiction? But I couldn't agree more.

spicymist said...

@ alok
yeah but at least in music u have a lasting sense of happiness. at d end of the song, u dunt usually feel like bangigng ur head on d wall cursing urself silly for listening 2 a song which has no point?

@ meshrum
im having a conflict of ideas i think. here i lament d fact that mills n boon is bad cos it has no point, n in d same damn post, i condemn d fact everything in life has 2 have a point or meaning. im a damn hypocrite!!!!! kill d heretic

Manu Akula said...

kill her ! :P

spicymist said...

yeah yeah i know of your cravings of violence mr. executioner. :p